Configuring Netscape 7.x / Mozilla to Filter Spam

Netscape 7.x / Mozilla
1) Select Tools menu -> Rules Wizard
2) Select your mailbox in the "Filters for:" select box
3) Click New...
Create new filter:
4) Select Customize...
4a) type X-Spam-Score in the text box
4b) click Add
4c) click OK
Filter Rules
5) Type a name for this filter in the "Filter Name:" textbox
6) Click Match all of the following
7) Select X-Spam-Score
8) Select contains
9) Type ***** in the text box

Perform this action:
10) Click new folder
10a) create new folder called spam
10b) Click OK
11) Select "Move to folder"
12) Select newly created spam folder
13) Click OK
14) Verify Spam filter is enabled
15) Click OK