Configuring MS Outlook 2002 to Filter Spam

MS Outlook 2002
1) Select Tools menu -> Rules Wizard
2) Select your mailbox in the "Apply changes to this folder:" select box
3) Click "New..."
4) Select "Start from a blank rule"
5) Highlight "Check messages when they arrive"
6) Click "Next >"
7) Check "with specific words in the message header" in the conditions box.
8) Click the "specific words" link in the "Rule description" box
9) In the "Specify a word or phrase to search for in the message header" textbox: type X-Spam-Score: (*****
10) Click "Add"
11) Click "OK"
12) click "Next" on the Rules Wizard window
13) Check "move it to the specified folder" in the "What do you want to do with the message?" box.
14) Click on the "specified" link in the "Rule description" box.
15) Click "New..."
16) Type a name for your new folder
17) Select a location for your new folder
18) Click "OK"
19) Verify Spam filter settings
20) Click "OK"